Mob Boss [1920s AU Nyx/Tink]


A puppy indeed. Nyx was careful not to allow a smirk to cross her lips, though she was tempted. This little bird was cute, eager, and enthusiastic; traits Nyx usually didn’t find. The mob boss turned on her side so her bare body was pressed closer to Tink’s, then smoothed a hand over the blonde’s stomach. A few subtle brushes were drawn across Tink’s skin as a reminder of their night together, though Nyx felt the need to give her a few more. 

"Does it matter?" Nyx asked her. You’re mine until I allow you to leave. She focused her lips on Tink’s neck for the time being while her fingertips traced lazy designs against the inside of Tink’s thigh. Nyx had been telling the truth the night before; she was always ravenous in the morning. She always enjoyed a good workout with the sunrise, despite the fact that Nyx always felt the most powerful at night. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Nyx asked her. She kissed a path down Tink’s neck and over her stomach, stopping to twirl her tongue once across each of Tink’s perk buds. Nyx’s eyes remained on her little pixie’s; she loved the look on the blonde’s face as they had their fun. 

There was plenty Nyx could have done to find her own pleasure, including tying Tink down and straddling the blonde’s face, but Nyx refrained. For now, she would focus on Tink’s pleasure and spark the pixie’s interest to return. Nyx didn’t even bother teasing Tink with her fingers; her tongue and teeth went straight to work, already familiar with their current focus. The mob boss reached out and took Tink’s wrist, then lead it toward her dark curls so Tink could tangle her fingers in Nyx’s hair. 

The mob boss had a busy schedule for the day to come, including a shipment she couldn’t miss, but Nat would interrupt if there was anything dire. For now, Nyx meant to enjoy her breakfast. 

Yes it did matter to her because Tink had obligations and had to meet up with her friend later. If she didn’t, then she was sure Alaska would think she stood her up. Would she be understanding if she described later that she was having the time of her life? Perhaps not, if she thought about the situation reversed. Hmm, she didn’t know. Nor cared about when the erotic touches were placed on her form. She was delighted that she awoke with a person still there the morning after, and not just take off. Perhaps this can mean more to the other than a one night occurrence, something that she foolishly gotten herself into before when she was drunk and left all alone. She hardly wanted to remember the man’s name, nor his face but she was doing so anyway. It was one of those situations when you didn’t want something but more of that happens anyway. She had a blank, distant look on her face before bringing herself back, her attention returning like a canary flying back to it’s comfortable little nest, a nest she would call Nyx’s bed for it was just as messy with the blankets wrapped around them. “To be honest, I’ve never- well no man managed to make me come three times in a row like that. Or was it four? I would like more of that, if that’s okay?” It all depended on Nyx, for she was the more powerful one here. 

While one hand was led towards the silken black hair, she combed through them as though getting it neat, then dared to tug lightly before sitting upright. She took the leading as an indicator that the other wanted her to continue, so she did just that. There were so many options, but eventually she brushed her thumbs over the other’s form like how she did before. It was a learning process yet she shouldn’t think too much of it. She should let herself go, but if she did that, she was sure she would float off. Maybe even take Nyx with her.

"I must go soon. When can I see you again?" 

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Stormy Shores [LL AU Tink/Nox]


Nox had never asked Tink to model before. He usually tried his best to capture her image based on his memory of Tink, but it was never enough; he could never properly place her beauty onto the canvas when his memory didn’t do her proper justice. Having her in front of him, posing while Nox had time on his side for once, would hopefully allow him to produce an even more detailed image. The bartender still doubted that he would really do Tink’s beauty justice, but at the least, he could try. 

"Whatever feels natural, love. Just make sure I can see that stunning smile on yours." Nox grinned at her, then started doing a few rough outlines of Tink’s face. Once he figured out what he wanted, he flipped to a clean page in his sketchbook and started working. "So, once we return to the city…what’re you gonna tell your father?" Nox asked. He didn’t look up from the page; instead he focused on perfecting the lines of Tink’s figure. "Would it be alright if I took you out for a proper dinner Saturday evening?" he asked. Maybe it would be better to take her out in the city, where she was comfortable and everything was familiar. 

Posing. That meant not moving at all for who knows how long. All of Nox’s masterpieces- because she deemed them to be that good- looked like it took a while. But if he was the one who was going to do the hard work of putting his skill to paper, then she could stay still. She was very good at it too when she was concentrating on one thing, whether it was figuring out how a gear moved in an engine or fixing a yarn work for the sweater she wanted to make for her father. He said whatever felt natural, and to help both of their cases, she reched for the stitching pattern and did her best in the low light to finish it. That way, she did not move one bit and can still finish the pattern. 

She didn’t want to move since she figured that would make it difficult to sketch, but did add a light shrug when he looked up. “The truth, what else can I do? But it’s up to you if you still want to work or not. I doubt he’d think it was a big deal, and at most he’s goign to find you strange.”

Before she could stop herself, a grin spread over her features and she felt absolutely giddy inside. Other men asked her out before, some in means that were complete turn offs but the way he did it, so casually settled well with her. As though going out was something natural between them, but she was used to him driving her to various places. Actually coming along was a dream. But it really was too soon, and as much as she wanted to try, she also needed not to rush into something like a date. It wasn’t a matter of trust, more like her wanting to be prepared for Nox meant that much to her. “Not Saturday. Perhaps another time.” 

Mob Boss [1920s AU Nyx/Tink]


Perhaps with time Nyx would teach her new pet more, specifically how to use the strongest muscle in her body to good use. If this hadn’t been their first night together, Nyx would already have the little pixie demonstrating just how talented with her tongue she was, but she was doing quite well for now. The mob boss moaned in delight and rocked against Tink’s fingers, then pulled the blonde in for a rewarding kiss. As a prelude to their future lesson, Nyx’s teased her tongue against Tink’s, trying to coax the willing and enthusiastic little lover to play. When Nyx came, it was practically silent; it took a lot to get the mob boss to scream, even in pleasure. Nyx took Tink’s wrist and pulled it up towards her lips, then sucked Cherry’s fingers clean, hollowing her cheeks and keeping her eyes on the blonde’s bright gaze.

Just you. Way to feed Nyx’s ego. As if she needed it. The mob boss lied back and pulled Tink with her, then lazily brushed her fingers through the blonde’s bouncing locks. Bouncing. Nyx smirked at the idea of Tink atop her lap, straddling her waist as Nyx thrusted her fingers into the pixie’s warmth. Yes, she had plenty of fun planned for this one. Usually Nyx tossed aside her lovers after a single disappointing round, but Cherry’s eagerness had Nyx’s attention. “Oh, I have so much to teach you,” Nyx said with a smirk. She freed her fingers of Tink’s curls to smooth them down the blonde’s spine instead, back and forth as Nyx thought of all the fun she could have with her new toy. 

"One of them," Nyx said. "Do you like it? It can be yours." Nyx took good care of those who kept her company. Nat could certainly attest to that. "You can stay as long as you’d like, love," Nyx told her. "Though I must warn you…I get rather ravenous in the morning." Nyx smirked and licked her lips, then looked down at Tink. "I’d rather you not leave. I haven’t had my fill of you yet."

One of them? How many rooms did she have? Given how little she knew about Nyx, it only now occurred to her that a person in her position would probably not remain in one place for too long. The idea of quick getaways, being on the run all sounded absolutely thrilling to her. In fact, everything that Nyx did can be compared to that. She had gotten herself sucked into an incredibly exciting vortex, but little did she know that now, coming out of it would be a challenge. For one, she did not want to, and if she did, she probably couldn’t. 

Perhaps the pixie-like girl liked the shadows a little too much. Whatever the case was, she was slightly exhausted after a long day, and the manner in which it ended was superb. Even though she had just been spiraled into ecstasy, almost blinded by the pixie dust she kept seeing behind her eyelids when she shut them, her real joy was that she managed to get Nyx happy. It wasn’t every day that you could do that to the person you’ve admired. How she wished and hoped it was not some dream, where she would wake up from rancid mood and bad mannered like every other time a lovely thing was snatched form her. The sheets felt comfortable, even though they were not silken on cashmere like her own room. There was no other fabric on her than the sheets of the bed, losing all that had been her previous life and engulfing herself in whatever pertained to Nyx. She was attracted, stunned and perhaps thinking of doing whatever she can to make her happy, even something dangerous.

Her eyes opened again when hearing Nyx explain she can stay as long as she liked. “Really?” She bit down on her baby pink bottom lip, mind already filled with all they can do. It was also a relief to know that she was not overstaying her welcome, but she knew she had to leave sometime in the morning tomorrow. She tingled when hearing the last few words, then turned towards Nyx. “You can have me as much as you’d like too.” 

In the morning, when she finally sobered up and her senses were attacked by everything in the room, she let out an audible groan before the yawn took over. What had she gotten herself into?! Yet- 

One glance at Nyx and all fears were gone. She was awake before her. Like an enthusiastic puppy, she dipped her head under the other’s arm so it would wrap around her neck, blonde hair sticking to the other’s cheek as indication of their proximity. “What is the time?”