Impulsive Meet [Nibs/Cooper]





"You shouldn’t be playing with one the first place."

Finding a Lost Boy [Ricky/Cooper]



"Wait, say that again?" 


"Remember the guy in the green who used to fly around? Well, that used to be me." He took on a different name and created a different persona when remaining in the human world, but he’d been on the search for the missing boys after his memories came flooding back. "Hey Ricky."

First Words [Alaska/Cooper]


Alaska never felt fearful or nervous about being on top before, but Alaska worried that the position—namely because of her weight gain—would be uncomfortable to Cooper. He didn’t seem to mind it, though; in fact, he was enthusiastic as ever. Cooper seemed to understand that the cravings she experienced weren’t specifically food related, and he certainly seemed willing to help fulfill her needs. The pleasure wasn’t strictly physical, either. She was in a childlike, playful mood around him; she was laughing so much she felt like she could fly. 

She knew Cooper was trying to lull her to sleep the moment his fingers raked through her hair. “Mmm…no…Not sleepy,” she told him. That wasn’t entirely true; she was sleepy, she just didn’t want to sleep. Sleeping, if only mentally, meant leaving Cooper. Alaska turned as much as she could onto her side and nuzzled her nose against Cooper’s neck. When she called him her Lost Boy, neither word could possibly stand alone; neither one of them were lost when they were together, and there wasn’t nothing boy about Cooper besides his personality. 

Her hand roamed over his chest, as if her inky fingertips could leave stories stained against his skin. Alaska closed her eyes and whispered tales she remembered telling as a child; magnificent adventures of pirates and pixies and…him. Her stories always involved him. 

He should have known she wasn’t going to fall asleep anytime soon. It was never her habit to sleep early and she tended to have a little more energy right after as opposed to people getting tired in such moments. Her bump grazed his side as she nuzzled into him, the fingers running over his chest acting as one of his secret turn ons. Sure there were much he would tell her, more than he would to anybody else considering she was his wife, but he did keep a few harmless secrets from her, in efforts to be a constant puzzle for her to unravel. 

She started to speak, and he wondered if she was awake and aware of what she was saying or unconscious and talking in her sleep. Either way, his attention remained on her and smiled when realizing what exactly she was saying. Alaska was relaying one fairy tale after another, ones that were familiar from reading it to Crimson at some point, and some moments that were not fond in books, but was an event experienced between them.

At some point, Alaska would have a bad dream. She would be afraid of drowning, and he would hold her close and run his hand over her back, shushing her and reminding her to just focus on his heart beat. He blinked into the room that was lit by nothing more than the moon’s light beams, then spoke to her to get her mind elsewhere, to pull her back.

"You were afraid of water ever since the mermaids tried to drown you. I thought they were kidding, because they’ve always been kind to me and would listen to me when I told them stories, so I didn’t believe them when they tugged on your dress and said they would have you submerged." It was something between a possible explanation and an apology. "I’m sorry."

Mob Boss [1920s AU Nyx]


Nyx smirked when the blonde spoke her name, though a part of the mob boss knew she should have been worried. It all depended on what the woman knew her for. “Aren’t you a smart one?” Nyx smiled and leaned forward, her lips brushing against the blonde’s ear. Her arms were wrapped around the other’s waist to pull her new dance partner closer. “Tink. I always love a good nickname.” ‘Nyx’ certainly wasn’t hers, but it was safer to be known by an alias in this life. “How do you happen to know me, cuteness?” Nyx twirled a finger around one of Tink’s curls and smiled. Oh, this was going to be fun. She placed a single kiss against her pale skin, then hummed and swayed her hips against Tink’s. “You taste divine.”

This was not happening. It would all make sense if this was some look alike of the gang leader, but no, this was the real deal. Nyx was not only there talking to her, but twirling her around and getting her dizzier than a shot would. She’d heard stories of the woman who can take out an entire alley of men who are after her life. Nyx was no less than Wonder Woman in her mind, who defeated her foes in such a valiant way that she can only admire. She was stunned by the kiss, feeling strange yet she can’t say it felt all that bad. It just didn’t occur to her that the woman was playing with her emotions, her mind too foggy with what was going on. She was sure the alcohol had no part in this, given she had yet to consume any. “Ah, thank you?” But goodness it was strange to be treated like this- and by another woman nonetheless. They certainly caught the attention of surrounding men, who seemed to be looking at them as though they were a spectacle. “Shouldn’t they be looking at the flappers instead?” Her voice held a hint of irritation.

Anonymous asked:"Alaska plastered Cooper with kisses, each one marking his skin with crimson stains. She left twin kisses against each of his cheeks, then slipped her fingers between his."



At first he thought it was some dream, because he was asleep. He felt soft lips press onto his cheeks, easily dragging him away from the state of slumber. Besides, he can’t possibly go back to sleep now- not when his reality was better than any dream. He was still a bit groggy though, but did not want to push her away. Only when his eyes were open did he see that her lips were a shade of tulip red, smudged to show that she probably had him all stained. Eventually, he rolled her to her back and returned the kiss, hands still slipped between hers. image

Alaska’s smiled widened when she heard Cooper’s plans for the day, namely because she knew exactly what he was hinting at. “Good. I wanted to start looking through the children’s books, to pick ones I thought the babies might like. The third floor, though…that’s Fairies, isn’t it?” Alaska looked down at her plate innocently to drag a piece of pancake through the thick honey. Thankfully Crimson and Alex didn’t understand; it was a joke just between the married couple, one they hadn’t made in far too long. 

The writer finished off her breakfast and started collecting the plates so she could clean up, but Alex and Crimson made a grab for the dishes. “We’ll clean, you go!” Crimson told her. “Are you trying to get rid of me?” Alaska teased. Crimson smiled and pecked his mother’s lips, then looked up at his uncle Alex, who winked. Alaska didn’t have to ask to know they were planning something.

She headed into the bedroom to get dressed, then sighed when she came across the librarian outfit she’d worn for Cooper before. She wouldn’t be able to fit in it now; her baby bump would hardly come off as sexy in a tight pencil skirt and shirt that could barely hold her breasts. Alaska flipped through her wardrobe until she found a maternity dress she knew Cooper liked her in.

If he called her cute, though, she was going to make him see pixies.

The specialty of the library was that the place had more floors than it was was wide, only fitting section 1-100 on the first floor and was about ten stories high. The uniqueness made it an attraction as much as a place to study. However, he and Alaska made it as something a little more special than that. Cooper roamed the library for various books, almost memorizing where every section was located. Some might even mistake him for a librarian and ask him where the sections were, and he was happy to pinpoint it. However, the only one of them who actually donned the sexy librarian role was Alaska herself.

Genre was not the only thing he memorized; he was aware of the areas where no one went to, and during which hours too. He snapped out of his thought at the sight of Crimson grabbing for his finished dish. He never did stop the boy from doing anything, and in his book, that wasn’t spoiling. The boy never crossed his limits and he’d never seen him behave in a rude fashion, which made raising him feel like a blessing. It was actually nice to see him behave responsibly and do a bit of work, which happened after Alex moved in with them.

"Yes, well, the fairytales section." He didn’t think he’d have to explain why two grown ups would need to go get some books on fairy tales, because giving explanations would only make him sound suspicious.

He watched Alaska change after he entered the room, smiling at the top she wore that flaunted her curves nicely. They arrived at the library not too long after, and instead of just telling her, he was going to show her just how well read he was. Apparently intimacy felt better during pregnancy with the heightened sensitivity, and there were numerous positions they can take that was safe, but still enjoyable.


"I wasn’t actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity."— from The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald


"I wasn’t actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity."

— from The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald