Stormy Shores [LL AU Tink/Nox]


"You loved me?" Nox asked. That was all that mattered; that was all he heard. "Loved. Past tense." His lie had ruined everything, but if he hadn’t kept the truth about himself a secret, the two of them wouldn’t have gotten so close. Tink wouldn’t have trusted herself with him; she wouldn’t have told him as much about herself as she had. If Nox had simply been another rich man at one of the parties Tink had attended, she wouldn’t have seen him the same way she’d seen Nox the driver. It was Nox’s sole purpose to protect her, and that’s why TInk had developed a trust for him. Now, however, Nox had lost that trust.

He held his breath as Tink spoke, and the moment she said she was willing to give him a second chance, he almost reached out to cup her face in his hands and pull her into the kiss he’d stopped himself from giving her so many times. Nox had to stop himself, though; he doubted she would want his touch, let alone his kiss. “Thank you,” Nox told her. He closed his eyes, took a slow breath, and opened them to meet Tink’s bright gaze again. 

"My name is Nox. I own a number of different companies across the country, and a pub in England. When I’m not attending boring meetings, I’m usually painting to pretending to be a chauffeur to gorgeous blondes. And you are?"

Tink rubbed her arms, now unsure with herself. She had to wonder why now, why did he have to tell her this when she was all alone in the middle of nowhere. Actually, it was a port, and can hardly be called ‘nowhere’ with all the bustling people coming in and out constantly, but still it was a place she didn’t know. Yet, he was coming clean and she needed to understand that. If he wanted to, he could have kept lying and making her feel humiliation, but didn’t. Can’t she just let this go? Stubbornness was never her forte. If something didn’t work out right, she would try again. She tilted her head, peering at him with the little light that was provided and sucked in her lips. Yes, she would try this. She trusted him out of anyone else to bring her here, because she could have used one of her father’s chauffeurs that she’d known all her life, but they were not the one who suggested going to this lovely town- that was working up a storm at the moment.

She smiled, “come on, I know your name. Different companies and a pub?” Not that he could see, but deep rich color hit her cheeks at the compliment, in addition to a stomach flip. “Do I have to introduce myself too? Oh well- I’m Cheryl Parker, who gets called Cherry so many times that people think it’s my actual last name. My father owns several fashion chains and I want to take over one day to be a designer, and I enjoy spending time with charming chauffeurs on my free time.” 

It was easy, and she almost wanted to laugh at how much more free she felt, as if she could lift off any minute. “A shame the electricity is gone.” She wavered the subject because right after admitting she loved him, she could hardly make eye contact form shyness, or even talk about herself anymore.



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Zion actually thought to himself many times why he was attracted to Cooper other than his charming looks. The normality of his life was actually what he really liked. He was an English teacher, plain and simple. If anything happened, Zion would know where he is all the time and know he’s safe. Not only that, but if he ever wanted to surprise him for lunch or with tea and bagels; he could do it because Cooper’s schedule is the same. The thought only made him blush deeper, admitting that he really did like Cooper more than just a friend. The detective finished his wine before placing it on the desk in front of him. “You’re always buried in work, Coop. Have you ever thought to just take a small vacation?” If not, Zion definitely knew how to surprise him one way.

 Cooper hardly expected much out of people. He was aware of Zion’s tight schedule and he could only commend him for not losing his sanity so far with all he went through. The only idea of crime that he had was from those dramas from television, because he didn’t want to bother Zion at work. That didn’t make him curious, because he did want to spend a day just to see what a crime scene would look like- if that didn’t mean having ot miss out on his work. Despite a concise schedule, he was always busy with one thing after another, and even before the other male surprised him with a visit, he was working on grading. If he did take out some time, it meant losing sleep but-

Zion was worth losing sleep over. 

"Actually," he trailed off, thinking to himself as he rubbed the back of his head, "I haven’t taken a vacation and if I take a day off and include the weekend, it’s not going to affect anything. I guess I can take a small break." He stared at the other, noticing a tint of color on his cheek, probably from the wine intake or something like that. "So, met interesting people in work? A girl?" He was unaware of the other’s interests, but assumed that women would fawn over him given how he was usually like.



Zion and Brandon

Zion walked in on his son eating some sort of snack while reading some of Cooper’s college books. He couldn’t help but smile at him. Brandon looked up and jumped. “Crap dad, you scared the crap out of me.”

The older man gave an apologetic look, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Sorry, Brand; I couldn’t help how much you remind me of your father.” It was little things that Brandon did that reminded him of Cooper. Reading, the little scrunching of their noses when it itches.

"I swear, if I had a dollar every time you said that, I would be rich by now." Brandon but the book down. "How did you and papa meet?"

Zion couldn’t help the grin that appeared on his face. “My god, that’s a story. I met him when I was first assigned as a detective. I believe it was his first few years of teaching and they wanted someone to teach the class about crime in the area.” Brandon sat back, bringing one knee to his chest, eating his fries while he listened. 

"I was assigned to it for the week of orientation for the college. He was one of the teachers there and I got to talk to them." The older male smiled wider at the memory. "He was the most handsome man I’ve seen. I knew I had to know him.

"We kept in touch as friends for years. I came and went because of my job but every time I found myself coming back to him. I visited him one time and asked him out. Your father always has a weakness for Italian like you do." He teased.

Brandon laughed. “It’s not my fault it’s so freaking good.” He nudged his dad with his foot. “He should be coming home soon, I’ll cook dinner for you guys.” The younger of the two leaned over and kissed his dad on the cheek before running downstairs to start dinner.

Zion smiled. God, he loved his family.

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He knew that Alaska would be spending most of her morning over at one of her friend’s house, and he would have joined but he had a project to complete with the aid of Alex and Crimson, and that was the tree house. When crossing the kitchen, something caught his attention. Why had he not noticed it before? There was no doubt that Alaska was the one who left this for him, and memories flooded back in their earlier months of dating where she would place treats in their mail cubbies and he would gift her chocolate covered coffee beans in return. Now she can’t really have that, but when she did come home, he was going to give her something better. At least he hoped so- all of Alaska’s favorite treats had caffeine, a substance she had to refrain from taking during these months, and after for a bit perhaps. 

He took the new book, one he hadn’t read in a while and opened it up to see little notes from his ink stained wife herself. After the project, he called it a day and continued reading that book for a while before getting ready to make pizza. He allowed Crimson to choose the toppings, then placed it in the oven and waited for the timer, or for Alaska to return, whichever happened first. 


Alaska made sure to make the lemonade on the sweeter side, for Cooper’s sake. There were a few times when she’d made him an Arnold Palmer, a mix of lemonade and ice tea, because she knew how little he liked sour flavors. Both of them had changed in quite sometime, though; perhaps this would be another flavor that Cooper would slowly introduce himself to. Alaska had found herself craving carrots and salad throughout her pregnancy, as if the twins were too little bunnies craving a snack. Or deer. 

The writer wasn’t fond of guessing games; when she wanted an answer, she usually got it. For Crimson’s sake, though, she was going to refrain. Her son seemed excited by this little secret, and she wasn’t going to ruin it. 

"Hearing you sound like a nagging dad is kind of cute," Alaska told him. She smoothed her hand against his thigh and pecked his cheek. "Actually…I think he mentioned something about staying with Brandy tonight. Why?"

Alaska always managed to pick out the smaller things in him and remember, something he hardly ever expected her to but she did anyway. He can remember the first time he had a real date with her, where she suggested an Italian joint he never thought about attending, and then he ordered the water. Apparently it came with a slice of lemon, and it didn’t agree with him well and he kept making faces as though that sour fruit itself was squirted in his mouth. He can’t help it, it was the strong flavors that never really worked well with him, but he was getting used to coffee. Perhaps he would never drink it as bitter as her, but he still did because each sip reminded him of Alaska’s lips.

However, that can’t compare with the real thing.

"You think it’s cute?" He crinkled his nose, not particularly agreeing because overbearing-ness wasn’t. But apparently she thought so. "I mean I’d never act like I control him or anything, but I get worried for him given the crime rate. But he’s with Brandy and she’s Brent’s sister, so I think he’s in safe hands." 

His lips pressed together to procure a thin, almost sly smile when he looked over at Alaska. “Then we get the home to ourselves.”

Mob Boss [1920s AU]

"Can’t you just leave the mob?"

"No, I’m their boss."

"Not after all we’ve been through?"

"I thought you liked me because I lead one."


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Dress to Impress | Lindze & Tink [1920s AU]


“Oh. Why thank you. I like it. What? Pixie like a fairy or something of the like? Like Tinker Bell?” Lindze pouted for a second, confused and unsure if the blonde still intended to try to make a gift of it or if she meant now to purchase it for herself. To tinker with. The dress looked perfect the way it was. Besides, Lindze didn’t want the other girl to have it; she didn’t want anyone else to have it. Lindze wanted it, when she could afford it. The only handouts or so-called charity she accepted was in the form of drinks when she went out. She could provide for herself just fine. She could treat herself just as fine as well. Just not as often as she might like. She shook her head tossing her hair over her shoulder. “Well, that doesn’t make any sense. I shouldn’t try it on if I can’t afford it. It was silly for me to try this one on. Like I said, I hadn’t meant to come in at all. Until I saw this dress.” She ran her hands over the fabric again then sighed, growing frustrated with herself before forcing one foot in front of the other until she was in the changing room, slipping out of the dress and back into the skirt suit she’d come in. She stared at the dress for a few moments before stepping back out and walking over to Tink, holding the dress out to her. “It’s all yours, if you want it. Well, after you pay for it, I suppose.”

Tink shrugged with a shoulder, aware of the meanings behind her nickname. Her hands smoothed over the various fabrics and rich colors, enjoying the feel of the lace trimmings. An idea peeked into her mind of creating a dress just like this for her, given how she knew how most people felt about strangers just buying something for them. But Lindze seemed nice, and she did not want to be strangers too long. Even though it was difficult for her to have lasting friendships, given that the only reason anyone did have interest in her was that she was from a well-off family who can afford parties and alcohol, she saw that it was easy to be around this girl. She gave her a sad look when it seemed like she was second guessing herself, wanting to tell her that it was not silly but she disappeared in her changing stall. Waiting until she returned, she took the dress, planning on buying it but before that, “there is this delightful new bakery owned by a Greek family. I’ve been there before and I’d like to show it to you, if you want.”

Dress to Impress

1920s AU- Tink & Lindze


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I wild Zachary Levi appears.


I wild Zachary Levi appears.