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whispersovertea asked:"[1920s au] Tink was unaware that a drink was headed towards Garrett instead of her, so she reached over and took it anyway. When the other protested, she cocked her head at him, "can I help you?""



Garrett had been about to grab the drink from the tray when Tink took it before him. He stares after her with a look of mixed bewilderment and slight irritation. “Well you kind of took my drink sweetheart,” he says, cocking an eyebrow at her.


Garrett nods slowly, swallowing nervously. “Yeah I know her,” he says cautiously as if preparing for an interrogation. He steps back just a bit, oddly cowed by the smaller girl in front of him. “I didn’t knows that. She looks like the type to have many friends or at least acquaintances.” He’s anxious and he knows why. If Tink is Alaska’s friend then she must be judging him, assessing him. He doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. “We met at a bar. We talked and danced and that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.”

If Tink didn’t know any better, he seemed a bit nervous, and not the good kind. Alaska looked the same the night after she woke up with her after her drunken escapade with the mob boss. Of course, she had secrets and Alaska was entitled to have hers as well, but she believed that her own secret was nothing to worry about. Well- maybe there was a little to worry about, given the gang relations but other than that, she could handle it. But she wanted to protect Alaska, no matter the cost. “Nothing less huh? Well do you like her? I mean, she is easy to like.”

whispersovertea asked:"@tristan: Have you ever given detention?"



Tristan looks up from her papers that she had been grading and gives him a questioning look. “Uh no. Why? Am I supposed to?”


 Tristan laughs lightly at the alarmed look on Cooper’s face, finding it hilarious. “I was only kidding…maybe,” she says, smiling mischievously and winking at him slyly. “But seriously I’ll try to be patient and all that. My work might even get me distracted to the point where they wouldn’t even bother me.” She cracks her neck and gathers her papers. “Where are you headed anyways? Big date?” she asks, heading out the door.

At least she was kidding, which was good because it was not the fact hat he was worried about a student getting hit by a ruler (big deal? her students were all her age and mostly buff guys) it was actually what might happen to Tristan and how she would lose her teaching licence if she were to get caught. If she was in high spirits, he thought he should be as well, so he took a breather and relaxed his features to his usual light grin. “Oh no, nothing like that, I mean it is a date but it’s for the board of directors and to get her to fund our liberal arts department. Actually, if you’re not busy, would you like to come with me? I mean, you are a new professor, and the more opinions and experiences to share, the better.”

whispersovertea asked:"✪✪✪✪"



✪✪✪✪ = You’re okay


" ———- Well I suppose that’s sort of flattering considering we’ve never met before."

Cecily laughed a little, nodding in amusement. “Oh yes. Teaching and grading does take up most of our time, doesn’t it….T’is the life of a college professor.”

She did not question Cooper’s ‘other things’, deciding that she did not want to pry. But one often did wonder what these professors did in their normal, daily lives. Lives that did not involve teaching or grading. Judging from some other professors she had met, that was really all they did in life, which was sort of depressing.

Cecily finished her cup of tea before answering, having only a few sips left of it. Nodding, she flashed him a friendly smile. “Alright. I could use some fresh air — somewhere out of this academic environment. It seems, however, that people in town already know me. Which is strange but I feel like celebrity.” She shrugged as if to say ‘oh well’. “When would you like to go?”

"Yes, that is the paradox of our lives. We give too much to grade and then complain about it. But I guess if we really like this job, then we wouldn’t trade it for anything. "He truly believed that being in a job where you were a teacher was one of the most rewarding tasks, because of how much you can enlighten a young adult’s life. It was as much of a performance nad getting your audience to be engaged as it was of giving them valuable information, and he believed that the love for plays helped him with just that. 

"As long as you feel like a celebrity, you wouldn’t mind giving me your autograph anytime?" He was merely showing his lighthearted side for he found himself somewhat at ease with someone who was in the same state as he was in. "It’s a small town, next week the carnival comes and they’ll be talking about the bearded lady, so if I were you, I’d bask in the attention. Or make up rumors. Not sure though, would you like to go to the park?"